And Still We Gather With Infinite Momentum

These images reflect on landscape representation and the ritual American landscape pilgrimage west.

There is something inherently celebratory in this tradition, yet at the same time troubling



an historical recalling and reinactment on some level of what Rebecca Solnic refers to as " a history made of great human tides of invasion, colonization, emigration, nomadism and tourism." Are the attitudes toward the West that helped fuel what became a wave of western settlement, a surge that involved Native American removal and a war with Mexico still alive - visible in political policy, corporate motivations and our individual reflection. Has the landscape been lost in ..... Has photography itself been an accomplice historically and is it possible to photograph the landscape without participating in a lineage..... Why do we gather in masses to gaze and what do we hope to see.

Perhaps all we see when we stand in-front of the landscape, are archetypes: preconceived notions and pre-experienced views. Landscape has become a manifestation of culture; our perception grows out of how we have seen the landscape represented and how it has been delivered to us historically and in popular culture.

Starting west in California and moving east toward New York, in a drive against the former western current, these images were taken at various prescribed scenic vistas and viewing areas. The images here are made using a large format film camera and digital tools.