Conveyor Arts

Work included in "One if by Wonderlust" exhibition at 24CPW in NYC and the "Mapping" issue of Conveyor magazine

Included Artists: Adam Ryder, Alexandra Lethbridge, Aubrey Hays, Brea Souders, Caleb Charland, Charlie Rubin, Colin Stearns, Dierdre Donohue, Jenny Odell, John Mann, Joy Drury Cox, Justin James King, Mary Mattingly, Peter Happel Christian

Mapping manifests in seemingly endless ways; much like photography, it combines individual experience and collective knowledge, and serves to connect us across space and time. The landscape neatly tucked up in one’s pocket provides both certainty and mystery. Abstract borders, creases, and folds promise paths for tomorrow, while worlds unknown sit on the edge of an expansive theatre waiting to be discovered. And so we explore. —Conveyor Magazine

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